Detailing Overview

Exterior Cleaning Overview

Exterior Wash & Wax:

Exterior Washing removes all dirt and grime from your car Washing and waxing at the same time puts a layer of wax over your car for the best possible clean and stops road grime or dirt sticking to the surface of your car.

Exterior Shine:

Exterior Shine is when you want your car to have an amazing shine, it gently polishes your
car while leaving a gloss finish over your car to make your paint look like new again.

Exterior Quikwax:

Exterior quikwax is a light polishing agent that gently polishes your car while leaving a wax finish all over the surface of your paintwork. Quikwax is a great way to leave a layer of wax over your car for the best possible clean. Quikwax stops road grime or dirt sticking to the surface of your car and causing water beed off the surface of your car.

Exterior ClayBar Contaminants Removal:

ClayBar contaminants removal is a non-abrasive process allowing you to remove built up dirt, bugs, tar, tree sap, overspray and any other Contaminants from your paintwork. These Contaminants cannot be removed from your standard wash or polish and leave a dull rough surface on your car. Detailing ClayBar will keep your surface healthy and vibrant and stop these contaminants aging and fading your paintwork quicker than it should.

Exterior Cut & Polish:

Exterior Cut and Polish helps to rejuvenate dull and faded surfaces without scratching. Paintwork that’s in poor or heavily weathered condition will be rejuvenated and oxidized surfaces and paint colours will be renewed. Cut and polish is an awesome way to revive your paintwork and will remove all light scratches. This will revive fading from the sun and give your paintwork an amazing finish that will last
all year round.

Exterior Buffing& Polish:

Exterior Buffing and Polishing is a heavy cutting machine polish used to rejuvenate dull and faded surfaces without scratching. Paintwork that’s in poor or heavily weathered condition will be rejuvenated and oxidized surfaces and paint colours will be renewed. This process will remove medium deep scratches and will revive even the most battered paint surfaces and give your car a new paint finish look.

Paint Correction & Protection:

Paint Correction involves a highly qualified detailer to measure paint thickness with a paint thickness gauge and make sure your paint will be able to be repaired . Your car will be checked in all locations on your vehicle to determine the paint thickness on each panel on your vehicle. Your car will then be clay barred to remove any embedded or surface contamination. Any imperfections are then removed by machine polishing down to a depth of the damage or defect to permanently remove them from your paintwork without damaging the paint. This will also remove any swirls, scratches, oxidization or any other defects from your paint. We will then use several different compounds and polishing techniques with specially designed buffing pads to suit your vehicles paint and then remove all damage from all the effected areas on your vehicles.After this process will will also re-protect your cars paint with a sealant made of high quality synthetic waxes.These sealants bond to your car giving you the maximum protection against harsh elements that damage your cars paint and will fully restore your car to a show car finish and keep protecting your car at the same time within the future !!

Exterior Sticker Removal:

Exterior sticker removal is a gruelling process of removing company’s logos or vinyl wrapping on company cars or any other advertising used to promote business. All stickers are heated to loosen the glue that bonds the sticker to the car. Once heated the sticker is ready to be removed by a professional without damaging paint. Stickers can often leave the glue residue on the car so by spraying a non-damaging chemical onto the residue and leaving for a few minutes the residue can simply be wiped off (this chemical is safe for all surfaces).

Interior Cleaning Overview

Interior Vacuum:

Interior Vacuum removes all dirt from you carpets, seats, baby seats, car-matts and the boot of your car. Interior vacuum is also used to remove any trapped dust in air-conditioning vents and other small places throughout your interior.

Interior Steam Clean:

Interior Steam Clean is the best way to eliminate odours trapped down in the fabric of your seats and carpets. Interior Steam Clean removes wet smells, cigarette smells and any other smells that might be trapped in your interior.

Interior Stain Removal:

Interior stain removal is when your cars upholstery is likely to suffer stains from food, drink or non-edible substances such as grease or Chemicals stains. Different stains and different interior types require different ways to clean them and different chemicals to be used for the removal of each individual stain.

Interior upholstery Shampoo:

Interior Upholstery Shampoo is the only way to remove stains and dirt from the seats and carpets of your car. We only use the safest cleaning chemicals to lift out and remove dirt marks and stains in your interior. This process is the best way to restore your seats and carpets and give them the amazing new car look and new car smell again.

Interior Armoral Protection:

Interior Armoral Protection is the only way to protect your plastic, vinyl or leather in your car’s interior. Every day the suns powerful UV rays leave your interior exposed to fading and cracking. This tends to happen to your dash, seats, door trims, console and rubbers. This protection process rejuvenates your interior and adds a new car interior finish while blocking against the suns powerful UV rays at the same time.

Interior Leather Conditioning:

Interior Leather Conditioning is the best way to stop premature aging (Cracking) on all leather surfaces in your car’s interior. This process softens and moisturizers the leather protecting against the suns powerful UV rays. Interior Leather Conditioning will restore you leather surfaces and give your leather protection all year round.

Interior Fabric Protection:

Interior Fabric Protection protects new or freshly cleaned Cloth or Velour upholstery seats or carpets. This process keeps interiors looking like new and repels oil and water and blocks any stains forming on your interior fabrics. This powerful protection Protects against soiling and a powerful barrier is created causing liquids to bead up on the surface for an easy clean up. Stains will remove with a gentle warm water wash.

Engine Cleaning, Degreasing & Protection Overview

Engine Cleaning:

Engine Cleaning is a basic high pressure wash and wax clean, blasting off dirt and other light surface contaminants in your engine bay.

Engine Degreasing:

Engine Degreasing uses chemicals and a high pressure wash and wax clean to remove and blast off the hardest of grease build up and oil stains, any build-up of oil stains, any build-up of oil and grease on your engine, any leaks that may have occurred splashing oil over the paintwork in your engine bay will be removed. (To a certain point depending on the age or damage of the stain)Engine bay degreasing breaks down greasy residues and oil stains either on your paintwork or on your motor giving your engine and engine bay a total overhaul.

Engine Protection:

Engine protection is the only way to protect your plastic and rubbers in your car’s Engine bay area. Every day the motor in your car produces the most powerful heat leading to fading or cracking of plastic and the expansion and hardening of rubber hoses in your vehicle. Without protecting you engine plastics and rubbers they start to deteriate causing all kinds of minor damage. This Protection process rejuvenates your plastics and rubbers giving them a new car look and protects them from the powerful heat your engine produces.

Mag Cleaning, Degreasing, Polishing & Tyre Shine Overview

Mag Cleaning:

Mag Cleaning is a standard hand wash and wax with high pressure gerni to remove and blast off light brake pad dust.

Mag Degreasing:

Mag Degreasing is a standard hand wash and wax with a high pressure gerni to remove light brake pad dust. This Process also uses chemicals to cut through heavy break dust stains or any other stains that might be found on your mag wheels. Dirty wheels and mags can make your whole car look dirty and Mag degreasing is essential part of making your car look clean.

Mag Chrome and Alloy Polishing:

Mag Chrome and Alloy Hand Polishing helps to rejuvenate dull and faded surfaces while brightening you mags at the same time. This Process will leave chrome and alloys streak free and stop your chromes and alloys from smearing or spotting. Mag Chrome and Alloy Polishing is great way to protect your mags from all weather conditions and heat your brakes produce while driving.

Tyre Shining:

Tyre shine rejuvenates your tyres and treats them against the age of looking old and worn. Tyre shine gives your tyres a new tyre look wet finish and prevents dirt from forming or building up on your tyres.